A gastronomic affair with Italian flair

Even the best can be improved upon

Café Nocéllo’s success is due to Lorenzo Bokshi’s enduring passion for good food and good company.  Presented with just the right amount of Italian flair and a welcoming ambiance, Lorenzo established himself as one of Perth’s new generation restaurateurs, and with Café Nocéllo by his side, he turned a traditional Italian dining concept into a modern gastronomic affair.

Known for his welcoming grin, trademark handshake and Italian style, Lorenzo nurtures Café Nocéllo with his one guiding principle “That even the best can be improved upon”.  His personal motto reflects in his decor, his ambiance, in every plate of food he serves, and in every ingredient they hand craft into a meal.

Lorenzo believes in using only the finest Italian ingredients, orchestrated with a dash of Italian flair and volumes of Italian passion.  He believes his passion and principles guide and inspire even his finest chefs to believe, “We do what we do, because we love it”.

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