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10am till late

We are a BYO restaurant
$5.00 corkage

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Café Nocello ~ About us

Lorenzo IIirjan Bokshi is a name to conjure up several different images. To Australians it sounds faintly exotic; to Ian Fleming fans it could even be the name of one of those villains who worked for SMERSH.
Lorenzo Bokshi is no villain. But he is a diplomat and as the world dives deeper into the financial soup, his welcoming grin and trademark handshake daily confirm that simple things always take precedence over money. Like more enduring matters of state, including fine food, good company, good conversation and presented with flair in the right ambience.

Lorenzo, one of Perth's new generation restaurateurs, reached Western Australia via Melbourne, Germany and other international dalliances with his profession of choice. He did his homework with some of Perth's best known restaurants. Then he seemingly broke every rule in the book establishing his own restaurant in one Perth's outer suburbs.

He called it Cafe Nocello and created it at Success, not a million miles away from the freeway, from a major shopping centre, towards the north end of the newish area, which about 3,000 families now call home.

Cafe Nocello is modern, bright, airy, clearly styled on multiple Italian models and has a new kitchen which, its chefs say, is to die for. Yet Lorenzo IIirjan Bokshi lives by the principle that even the best can be improved. So he has plans to tweak the design of the kitchen, because he believes he, his customers and his colleagues are partners in a team which deserves the treatment.

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It is all about quality, the yardstick by which Lorenzo lives. That is quality reflected in some of the finest Italian style food you will find anywhere in Perth; quality which eloquently tells you of the finest ingredients blended together in ideal conditions by people who do what they do because that's their life's work.

The result is familiar Italian dishes served alongside others which are the development of the day, but which might have been weeks in conception.

Presented with a flourish of pride that you thought was the trademark of only the restaurants frequented by the rich and famous. Cafe Nocello clientele possibly does include some of the city's well heeled. But this place is a tribute to everyone who appreciates the finest food, who respect quality as the great social leveller.Clientele travel from all over the wider metropolitan area. It's smart to book first because Nocello can be so booked out you don't want to hate yourself for missing the experience.

Food quality and variety is the equal of that in some of the city's best known establishments. But prices are a long way behind. Wine is welcome, but remember to bring your own. Desserts are for those giving their diet sheets a night off. And if you're in a hurry there's an excellent take-away service.
By ~ David Lloyd


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